MOSCOW, October 5 (RAPSI) – The North Caucasus Regional Military Court has sentenced a resident of Russia’s Republic of Adygea Arthur Khagur to two years in penal colony for attempting to join the Islamic State militants in Syria, RIA Novosti reported on Wednesday.

Earlier it has been reported that Khagur admitted his guilt in full and asked to review his case under special procedure.

According to investigators, Adygea’s resident decided to join the terrorist organization during online conversation with one of the militants who promised to help Khagur with getting to Syria.

The court found that in winter of 2015 Khagur left Russia’s Krasnodar for Minsk, in order to get to Turkey. Adygea’s resident was arrested by local law enforcement officers in Minsk’s airport and was deported to Russia, where he was arrested.

The Islamic State, an organization which is prohibited in Russia, is currently one of the major threats to global security. Over three years, these terrorists have managed to seize large areas of Iraq and Syria. The organization is also attempting to spread its influence to North Africa – particularly, Libya. The area controlled by ISIS covers up to 90,000 square kilometers.