MOSCOW, February 6 (RAPSI) – A criminal case against Russian tycoon Chigirinsky, who is currently residing in the U.S., has been dropped, according to the press release issued on Monday by Benaur Law firm representing the businessman.

Chigirinsky is satisfied with the investigation’s results and victory of justice. However, he believes that his name and reputation were seriously hurt, lawyer George Benaur said.

The tycoon was charged with illegal contact with a minor under the age of 16 years and risk of injury in March 2016. The case was connected with the dispute between Chigirinsky and his ex-wife Tatiana Panchenkova over custody of their daughters, the statement reads.

Charges of the risk of inflicting harm to minors and their moral decay brought against Panchenkova have been also dropped, according to Benaur.

Ex-spouses have reached an agreement in the child custody case, the American daily newspaper New York Post reported earlier.

However, the property dispute between Chigirinsky and Panchenkova is underway.

Chigirinsky has filed a lawsuit against Panchenkova with a court in New York. The businessman claims that in 2010 his ex-wife partially sold received property in violation of agreement to hold the collection in trust for their children. The property includes valuable art collection comprising among others antiques, antiquarian books, Faberge collection and unique interior features.