MOSCOW, February 5 (RAPSI) – A court ordered the native of Kazakhstan Bakhyt Karabalayev, who had committed assault related to robbery against the house of Chair of Russia’s Central Electoral Commission Ella Pamfilova, to undergo compulsory treatment, the Investigative Committee’s press service reports Wednesday.

According to the court ruling, Karabalayev is to be sent to a specialized inpatient medical organization, the statement reads.

Psychological and psychiatric examination earlier revealed that when committing the crime Karabalayev suffered from a mental decease and could not realize public danger of his actions. The defendant pleaded guilty.

An attack against the house of Pamfilova in the Moscow Region was committed in the night of September 6. A crime figure entered the building through the window, several times tasered Pamfilova and escaped, the Interior Ministry’s spokesperson Irina Volk told journalists earlier.

Karabalayev has been living in Russia since 2014 but does not have the permanent dwelling and income sources.