MOSCOW, September 3 (RAPSI) – A prosecutor on Thursday demanded an 11-year imprisonment for actor Mikhail Efremov charged with deadly road traffic accident committed under the influence of alcohol, RAPSI reported from Moscow’s Presnensky District Court.

Additionally, the prosecutor asked the court to prohibit the defendant from driving for 3 years.

On Thursday, the court began hearing the parties’ arguments. Before the beginning Efremov made a plea of guilty. Earlier, he refused to admit his guilt and said he remembered nothing.

The famous actor stands charged with committing a traffic offense in a drunken state that led to a victim’s death. He could face from 5 to 12 years behind bars if convicted.

On the evening of June 8, Efremov driving his car crossed into the oncoming lane in central Moscow and collided with a delivery service vehicle. He was arrested on the scene. Alcohol and drugs were reportedly found in his blood. Victim Sergey Zakharov was taken to hospital where he died early in the morning of June 9.

On June 9, Moscow’s Tagansky District Court ordered Efremov to be put under house arrest; the measure is still in force. In particular, he was banned from communicating with other case parties, using mobile phone and Internet.