MOSCOW, May 11 (RAPSI) — The Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation has taken special effort to control the investigation of the deadly school attack in Kazan, the capital of Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan, carried out by the regional prosecutor’s office, the body’s press service informs RAPSI.  

The prosecutor's office of the Republic of Tatarstan has opened a probe into the attack. The supervisory authority is to examine the issues related to ensuring the safety of students and staff of educational organizations of the city, including the organization of protection and observance of the access regime, the Prosecutor General’s Office statement reads.

Prosecutors will also to assess the actions undertaken by the school administration in this emergency, as well as examine the fact of issuing a firearms certificate to the 19-year-old attacker, as well as other aspects of observance of the federal laws in the Republic, the body said in the statement.

In Tatarstan, May 12 declared Day of Mourning. 

According to investigators, an armed man broke into an education institution and started shooting. Several people including minors were killed and several persons injured as a result of the assault. 

The attacker, who was arrested on the scene and identified, acted alone, the statement reads.