MOSCOW, May 31 (RAPSI) – Investigators opened new criminal cases against two Russian nationals and two citizens of Ukraine, who had attempted to publish photos of Nazi criminals on the Immortal Regiment website, the press service of the Russian Investigative Committee informs RAPSI on Monday.

According to the probe, in early May, resident of Orenburg Region Andrey Akimov, Sergey Sakharov from the Tomsk Region and Ukraine’s nationals Dmitry Alekseyenko and Mikhail Pukh published images of Hitler, Goebbels and high traitor Vlasov.

The men are suspected of rehabilitation of Nazism.

Earlier, the Russian Supreme Court has clarified that a public demonstration of photos of Nazi criminals and their approval in public is to be qualified as a completed act, regardless of the confirmation of the applications by administrators of the Immortal Regiment website.