MOSCOW, July 23 - RAPSI. New limitations on the advertising of alcoholic beverages containing an alcohol percentage of 5 percent or higher come into effect this Monday in accordance with the amendments to the federal law On the State Regulation of Production and Sales of Ethanol, Alcoholic Beverages and Alcohol-Containing Products.

The original law was enacted on July 22, 2011.

As of today, the ads must not use images of people and animals (the previous law stipulated only against images of under-aged individuals), even in animated form.

Ads must not contain any information on biologically active agents and vitamins present in the products.

Holding promotional events involving the sampling of alcoholic beverages is allowed only in permanent trade facilities, including in tasting areas. However, it is prohibited to attract minors to take part in these events and offer them samples.

It is forbidden to publish or put up advertisements not only within all forms of public transport but also at bus stops, train and metro stations.

The ban of any ads of alcohol products on the Internet and in printed media will come into effect on January 1, 2013. The amendments are introduced to the law "On Advertising" and the legislation on the state regulation of the alcohol industry.