MOSCOW, December 21 - RAPSI. The State Duma has approved in the first reading a bill that proposes not allowing foreigners into Russia if they failed to pay fines or if they committed crimes during their previous visits to the country.

The document proposes also banning the entry of foreigners and other non-citizens if they have outstanding convictions for intentionally committing crimes in Russia and using fake documents.

Foreigners who evaded taxes or administrative fines will also be affected by the ban, as will individuals who failed to pay the expenses connected with their administrative expulsion or deportation.

The ban will also prohibit the registration of a large number of foreigners in a single apartment

A foreigner will only be allowed to register at a specific residence if he is granted a sufficient square-foot area as defined in the Housing Code.

The document will also obligate the state registration authorities to provide to other government branches information regarding real estate transactions involving foreigners and non-citizens, for free.