MOSCOW, July 5 (RAPSI) - The State Duma on Friday adopted a law in the third and final reading which raises fines for immigrants living or working illegally in Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Moscow and Leningrad Regions.

The higher fines for violating the rules of living and working in Russia will become effective on August 9. The rules for deportation of illegal immigrants will be toughened as well.

If a foreign national violates the rules for entering and staying in these regions or fails to comply with the migration registration requirements, or to abide by the stated purpose of the visit, they will face a fine of 5,000 rubles ($150) to 7,000 rubles ($210) and possible deportation.

The law also calls for the compulsory deportation of foreign nationals from any region in Russia if they violate the rules for entering and staying, or transit rules, or fail to comply with the migration registration requirements. If a foreign national enters Russia on a tourist visa and finds a job, they will first be fined, and then deported if they continue to violate the law.

Working in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the respective regions without a Russian work permit or patent will be punished by a 5,000-7,000 ruble fine and possible deportation. On second offence, the perpetrator will be deported immediately.

The illegal employment of immigrants in these regions will also be punished more severely than in other regions: individuals will pay fines of 5,000 to 7,000 rubles, officials 50,000 rubles ($1,500) to 75,000 rubles ($2,260) and companies 800,000 rubles ($24,125) to 1.5 million rubles ($45,235), or have their operations suspended for 14 to 90 days.

In the trade sector, officials will face fines of 50,000-55,000 rubles, and companies 800,000 to 1.5 million rubles.