MOSCOW, May 24 (RAPSI) - The Moscow police have proposed introducing mandatory deposits to cut the costs for deporting illegal immigrants from Russia, deputy Moscow police chief Vyacheslav Kozlov said on Friday.

He said this initiative has been discussed at a roundtable in the State Duma.

"All immigrants should be required to deposit an amount covering the cost of a return ticket and to show a medical insurance policy," Kozlov said. "They would have their deposits returned to them when they leave the country legally."

This policy would help cut the country's costs for deporting illegal immigrants. He said these costs include identifying the individual through their country's consulate in Russia and their return ticket.

He also believes that police officers should be given the authority to take decisions on violations of immigration laws that they record, as this would significantly speed up the decision-making process.

The authorities began a massive crackdown on illegals after President Vladimir Putin spoke about toughening a punishment for illegal immigration during his annual state of the nation address in 2012.