MOSCOW, February 20 (RAPSI) – Russia’s Culture Ministry has prepared a bill clarifying a procedure of blocking websites out of court on the request of rights holders, the document published on the official website of judicial acts reads.

The bill specifies what information should be published on a website by its owner. If the website is owned by an individual, he or she has to disclose their full name and home address.

According to the bill, rights holders may send a note stating that their rights were violated not only to a website owner but also to an Internet hosting provider. Rights holders may also file a claim with the Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor asking to restrict access to a website if neither a website owner nor a hosting provider took any measures to remove the contested information. Also, rights holders may file this claim if a website has no information that allows them to send a note to the abovementioned parties.

Roskomnadzor is to notify a website owner and/or a hosting provider within 24 hours after receiving a claim from a right owner, the bill reads. The agency is to take measures if neither a website owner nor a hosting provider takes any measures within 24 hours after receiving a notification from Roskomnadzor. After the website is blocked the agency is to notify the parties about it.