MOSCOW, November 30 - RAPSI. The Federal Migration Service has prohibited around 100,000 foreigners from entering Russia in two years for different violations, Federal Migration Service head Konstantin Romodanovsky said at the joint meeting of the board of the Federal Migration Service and the Interior Ministry.

He said the Federal Migration Service opposes illegal immigration, paying particular attention to the situation in large cities jointly with the Interior Ministry. The heads of the local authorities have been instructed to hold joint preventive measures for an efficient joint work, he said.

"Together with the police, the Federal Migration Service's local authorities conducted over 170,000 inspections to ensure that migration laws were being followed, and this was one-third of the total number of inspections," Romodanovsky said.

A total of 500,000 were conducted.

He said the service recovered around two million administrative fines worth more than 3.2 billion rubles ($103 million) in 2012, over 700 foreigners and stateless individuals were deported, more than 25,000 foreigners were evicted, and over 30,000 foreigners were prohibited from entering the country.

"We have prohibited about 100,000 foreigners from entering the country," Romodanovsky said.