MOSCOW, October 1 (RAPSI) - Benito Mussolini's book "The Third Way" has been declared extremist by the Krasnoyarsk court, West Siberian transport prosecutor's office reports on Tuesday.

Earlier in September, the investigators have initiated a probe after reports of "The Third Way" being sold in several Moscow bookstores, along with an early Joseph Goebbels novel "Michael". Both books were published and distributed to the stores by the Algoritm publishing house. A criminal case on the grounds of inciting hatred was opened.

More than 2000 copies of the "The Third Way" were sold. The Prosecutor General's Office issued an official warning to the bookstores that currently distribute the book.

The Federal law on combating extremism already recognizes the works of Italian Fascist leaders, including Mussolini, as extremist without the need for additional linguistic evaluation.

"The Third Way" is a translated version of Musslini's book "My Life" and his essay "The Doctrine of Fascism", collected in one volume. The book deals with his rise to power in Italy and the ideas behind his political ideology.

In December 2012, a Moscow court added Nazi ideologist Alfred Rosenberg's books, "Myth of the Twentieth Century" and "Memoirs," as well as Viktor Pranov's book, "Survival Law of the Foulest" to the list of extremist literature banned from publication and sale. Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf has also been banned as extremist in Russia.