MOSCOW, November 15 (RAPSI) - 341 people have been arrested and 386 children have been rescued from exploitation as the result of a three-year investigation targeting international child exploitation, the Toronto Police Service announced Thursday.

According to the police statement, the service’s Child Exploitation Section got in touch with a Toronto man who had allegedly shared images of sexual abuse being committed against children. Concluding upon investigating the matter that the man might be operating a movie production and distribution company centering on child exploitation, the police service teamed up with the United States Postal Inspection Service to expand its investigative efforts.

On May 1, 2011, a man was arrested on allegations that he had been operating a website that sold and distributed child exploitation films and images worldwide, According to the statement, he had paid different people to film the children featured in these films, which were in turn sold on the website. The company earned revenues of upwards of $4 million, according to the statement.

Toronto police then tracked the identities of customers of the site around the world, resulting in 341 arrests and the rescue of 386 children.

The statement credits the participation of a wide range of international agencies for the successful outcome of the operation. Countries represented amidst the agencies include: the US, Australia, Spain, Mexico, South Africa, Norway, Ireland, Greece, and Gibraltar.