MOSCOW, December 11 (RAPSI) – A ban against nitrous oxide, known as the “laughuing gas,” will not be implemented in Russia as the quantities consumed are too low for it to be a considerable risk, Russian drug police chief Viktor Ivanov said at a press conference Wednesday.

The chief added that out of all estimated drug addicts, nitro users make up less than .0001%, which does not call for a massive crackdown. Earlier, Ivanov suggested some restrictions on the sale and distribution of nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide was dubbed “laughing gas” by English chemist Humphry Davy, who discovered the gas’ stimulant effect in 1799, while experimenting on himself. The gas produces an euphoric effect accompanied by uncontrollable giggling and minor muscle spasms, and loss of consciousness  in cases of prolonged use.

Small doses make the user feel dreamy and sedated.

The repeated use of nitrous oxide, allegedly causes irreversible damage to the brain and the nervous system. Even dispersed at low concentrations, the gas can disrupt the cognitive process, motor functions, sight, and hearing.