MOSCOW, January 23 (RAPSI) – A court ordered to detain eleven more activists who have taken part in the mass riots in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev prosecutor's office announced Thursday.

Moreover, five protesters have been placed under house arrest. According to the prosecutors, ten rioters have been detained earlier. Thus a pre-trial restraint is presently imposed on 26 individuals in connection with the mass riots in central Kiev.

Protests initially began after President Viktor Yanukovych announced the decision to postpone the signing of the EU Association Agreement on November 21. Protest rallies broke out anew in central Kiev on January 19 after a series of laws to clamp down on protests had been adopted by Parliament earlier. The rally turned violent when radicals attacked the police.

Dozens have been arrested in Ukraine since Sunday as violent protests have surged.

On Wednesday, the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine confirmed the deaths of two protesters. President Viktor Yanukovich ordered to investigate this matter thoroughly.

Earler, police reported more than 100 officers sustaining injuries, while the opposition spoke about 1,000 activists being hurt in the disturbances. Three demonstrators reportedly lost an eye and one is said have had a hand amputated.