MOSCOW, April 2 (RAPSI) – Militants of the far-right nationalist movement Right Sector continue to train and prepare to engage in extremist activity on Ukrainian soil, according to the statement released by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday.

“The Right Sector militants retreated to their out of town headquarters, where they continue to engage in combat training,” the Foreign Ministry added.

On Tuesday, Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada adopted a resolution for the immediate disarmament of all illegal militias, after a Right Sector militant opened fire and wounded three pople in downtown Kiev. Police investigating the case have found several weapons in the hotel previously occupied by the group.

Up to 2,000 members of the movement gathered at the Parliament in central Kiev on Thursday demanding that acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov stand trial in the aftermath of the death of Aleksandr Muzychko (alias Sasha Beliy), the movement's coordinator who was killed earlier this week.

Right Sector is a collective of several ultranationalist and paramilitary far-right organizations connected with the nationalist Svoboda party, which became a part of the ruling parliamentary coalition following the ouster of Dmitry Yanukovich in February.