KIEV, September 17 (RAPSI) – About a million officials from different levels of government face screening and removal from their posts under the lustration bill which has been passed by the Parliament, according to Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

On Tuesday, the parliament has passed the bill in the second and final reading, which implies removal of officials suspected of power abuse under the regime of Viktor Yanukovich.

Yatsenyuk ordered a commission to be established to examine current members of government and their deputies, as well as the heads of the central bodies of executive authority, for compliance with the bill.

The Prime Minister also said a single state register of officials disqualified under the bill should be compiled. The heads of the central bodies of executive authority are to establish lustration commissions at all ministries, and the Justice Ministry is to create a public council on lustration without delay.

Removal of corrupted officials is one of the basic demands of the Maidan protesters, who formulated the criteria for creating a national confidence government in February 2014. Accordingly, candidates will not be accepted if they are on the list of Ukraine’s 100 richest people, hold a leading position in executive authority, worked in the Yanukovych administration, or are guilty of human rights violations or corruption.