MOSCOW, October 30 (RAPSI) – Russia considers imposing restrictions on food transit from Belarus and Ukraine to Kazakhstan in order to curb possible flow of banned products from the EU, RIA Novosti reported on Thursday, citing Sergei Dankvert who heads Russia's veterinary and phytosanitary service.

Dankvert says that using forged paperwork, meat allegedly produced in Brazil was brought into Russia from Belarus. It was headed to Kazakhstan, but a sizeable part of the load, around 8 thousand tonnes, was “lost somewhere in Russia”.

“We seized about 300 tonnes of European goods travelling under forged Brazilian papers, and the rest 7,5 thousand tons never reached Kazakhsan”, Dankvert added.

On August 7, the Russian government introduced a ban on a number of products from countries, who earlier had imposed sanctions on Russia. Blacklisted food imports include meat, fish, dairy, fruit and vegetables from Australia, Canada, Norway, the European Union and the United States.