BRUSSELS, November 27 (RAPSI) - The EU will introduce sanctions against 13 individuals and 5 legal entities representing self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics /DPR, LPR/, TASS reports citing a diplomatic source in Europe. A formal decision on expanding the black list will be made by the EU Council this Friday.

“Names will be announced in the official gazette this Saturday November 29. The sanctions will be enforced the same day,” the source added.

On November 17, foreign ministers of the EU countries instructed the European Commission and the EU foreign policy service to develop proposals by the end of the month on including leaders of the self-proclaimed republics in the black list.

“After evaluating the situation in the conflict area, the /EU/ Council called for the European foreign policy service and the EC to present proposals on additional measures to blacklist separatist representatives.

The EU Council will continue to monitor the situation and act accordingly, the EU foreign ministers announced in their final statement. Currently, the EU blacklist includes 119 Russian and Ukrainian nationals, including high-level government and security officials, some parliament members and business people, representatives of the Crimean local government, Ukrainian opposition politicians and leaders of DPR a LPR.