MOSCOW, April 18 (RAPSI) – Head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin made public the statistics related to terrorist and extremist activities in Russia in 2015, noting a negative trend in the year-to-year dynamics of such crimes, Kommersant-Vlast magazine informs on Monday.

A rise in the number of crimes of extremist nature was registered across 56 subjects of the Russian Federation; overall, there were committed 1329 such crimes, by 28.5 % more than in 2014 (1034).

The number of such crimes as public calls for carrying out extremist activities, instigation of hatred or enmity, as well as violation of human dignity rose by almost 40 % as compared with 2014 figures.

There were registered 42 crimes relating to arrangement of activities of extremist organizations (+2.4%).

A significant rise in the number of terror attacks carried out in the territory of the Russian Federation (by 36.3 %) was also registered in 2015, 1538 as compared with 1128 in 2014.

According to Bastrykin, 70 crimes were prevented at the stage of preparation or attempt, whereas 113 crimes of terrorist nature were committed using Internet.

The Head of Investigative Committee noted that especially complex situation was observed in the North Caucasus Federal Okrug, where the majority of crimes of terrorist nature were registered: 1168 such crimes or 75.9 % of the total across the nation (+ 32.3 % as compared with 883 crimes in 2014).