MOSCOW, August 11 (RAPSI) – Kaspersky Lab cybersecurity company stated on Friday that it had withdrawn all complaints against Microsoft seeking antimonopoly probe against the U.S. IT giant.

According to the statement, Microsoft has addressed the violations specified in the warning issued by Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Agency (FAS). Kaspersky Lab expressed gratitude to Microsoft for upkeeping conditions for cooperation between developers and for healthy competition on the market.

As part of the settlement between two companies, Microsoft will allow alerts and notifications from other developers to be more visible after release of new Windows’ versions.

In June, the cybersecurity company filed claims with the European Commission and Germany’s Federal Cartel Office seeking probe similar to one in Russia. Kaspersky Lab complained that after Windows 10 operating system was released Microsoft began to discourage customers from using products developed by its competitors in the cybersecurity field and inclined users to use the built-in Windows Defender program.

In November 2016, FAS launched investigation. Due to the fact that Microsoft itself is a developer of antivirus software Windows Defender, which automatically launches if third-party software had no time to adapt to Windows 10, this decision results in unjustified advantages for Microsoft on the software market, Anatoly Golomolzin, deputy FAS head, commented on the probe.