MOSCOW, November 27 (RAPSI) - Marja Ruotanen, Director of Human Dignity and Equality of the Council of Europe, has asked Russia’s High Commissioner for Human Rights Tatiana Moskalkova to participate in the program on protecting women’s rights, according to the statement published on the Ombudsman’s website.

On Monday, Moskalkova met with Ruotanen, who is involved with a project called “Russia’s action strategy in women’s interests for 2017-2022” in partnership with the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Russia. The plan envisages establishment of system aimed to uphold equal rights to men and women in different spheres, as well as means of their achievement by 2022, the statement reads.

Moskalkova and Ruotanen also discussed such problems as protection women’s rights, measures for combatting domestic violence and strengthening the institution of family. Priority guidance for cooperation were drawn up during the meeting.