MOSCOW, September 22 (RAPSI) — The Russian authorities have imposed personal sanctions on another 87 high-ranking Canadian citizens, blocking their entry into the country, according to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The measure is a response to Canada's periodically imposed anti-Russian sanctions, "which have affected government officials at all levels, including regional ones, journalists, cultural figures and ordinary Russians," the statement reads.

Among the Canadians who fell under Russian retaliatory sanctions are the heads of provinces and territories, military officers, heads of companies that supply weapons and dual-use technologies to Ukraine.

Earlier, Russia has already imposed restrictions on more than 100 high-ranking Canadians. The sanctions list, in particular, included Vice Chief of the Canadian Defense Staff Frances Allen, several Canadian Deputy Ministers of Defense for various issues, publicist William Watson, representatives of public organizations Ukrainian Canadian Congress and Ukrainian World Congress, were added to the list.

the chairman of the Liberal Party of Canada Suzanne Cowan, former chairman of the Bank of Canada Mark Carney, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources of Canada John Hannaford, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister of Canada Marjorie Michel.

The full list of Canadian citizens included in the sanctions list can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.