MOSCOW, June 8 - RAPSI. Police officers have detained two more individuals suspected of participating in mass riots on Bolotnaya Square during a protest rally in Moscow on May 6, Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin told journalists on Friday.

"Mikhail Kosenko, born 1975, and Stepan Zimin, born 1992, have been detained. They are suspected of taking part in mass riots and violence against the authorities," Markin said.

He added that Kosenko kicked a riot police officer and Zimin threw bits of asphalt pavement at the police and broke one officer's finger.

The suspects have been identified by the injured parties and witnesses.

"The police have confiscated from Zimin's home a walkie-talkie, a Molotov cocktail, relevant printed materials, several passports and other items. The fact that such important evidence has not been destroyed shows they could have been used in preparing a similar crime," Markin said.

Kosenko's apartment has also been searched. Items have also been seized confirming his involvement in the riots.

The maximum punishment for such crimes is eight years in prison. "Plans are to bring charges against the detainees soon," Markin added.

Three more suspects - Alexandra Dukhanina, Maxim Luzyanin and Andrei Barabanov - have been arrested in the case. All of them have been charged.

According to Markin, work is underway to detain other suspects.

Mass opposition rallies began in Moscow on May 6. Clashes with the police flared up during a procession across central Moscow approved by the authorities. Tens of people on both sides were injured. The police detained more than 400 protesters. However, the opposition continued its show of protest by holding a series of "people's promenades."