MOSCOW, July 3 - RAPSI. The Investigative Committee is still not going to return the €1.4 million taken from TV hostess and opposition activist Ksenia Sobchak's apartment as part of an investigation into the May 6 riots in Moscow, committee's spokesman Vladimir Markin told Izvestia daily.

"The question of returning the money seized during a search of Sobchak's apartment will be resolved after the tax audit ordered by the investigation has been carried out," said Markin.

The apartments of opposition activists were searched on June 11. Sobchak's apartment was searched, despite the fact that she did not attend the protest on Bolotnaya Square. Investigators claimed that they were after opposition leader Ilya Yashin. As well as finding him in her apartment, they also discovered a safe containing money. They issued Yashin with a summons to the Investigative Committee, and took the cash, which amounted to €1,392,000.

The following day, all opposition leaders were summoned to the committee for interrogation.

"Sobchak has declined to reveal the source of the cash, so investigators will establish its origin in accordance with applicable laws," the spokesman said.

Sobchak's attorney, however, disagrees with their actions. The cash was taken in connection with the "May 6 case", but his client has nothing to do with this, he says.

He added that they have applied for the return of the money and are waiting to get a response soon.