MOSCOW, July 27 - RAPSI. Moscow's Basmanny District Court has issued a two-month arrest warrant for Nikolai Kavkazsky, 26, a lawyer for the Civil Rights Protection Committee, who was detained on Wednesday in connection with the Bolotnaya Square riots. The court has thus upheld the investigators' motion.

Earlier the Investigative Committee reported on the detention of one other suspect in the case, Alexei Polikhovich. However, the court said his case is expected be reviewed in court as early as Friday.

The investigator's motion stressed that Kavkazsky, like a dozen other suspects, has been charged with advocating for riots and violence against law enforcement officers.

Clashes with the police flared up on May 6 during an opposition march across Moscow, which had been granted official permission. Tens of protesters and police officers were injured. The police detained over 400 rally participants.

After May 6, the opposition continued its protests in the form of "people's promenades".