MOSCOW, August 2 - RAPSI. The Moscow Commercial Court has turned down Google Inc's motion to speed up the review of its complaint against Weblink Ltd regarding its use of Googl.Ru and Gugl.Ru domain names as the expert appraisal currently underway makes this impossible, the court told the Russian Legal Information Agency.

The court suspended the proceedings on July 27 and ordered the matter to be examined by an expert commission, which involves two or more experts selected by both parties defining whether the domains are similar to the plaintiff's trademark.

The appraisal will be performed within 30 days of the receipt of the case materials from the court.

At an earlier date, the court involved website registrar Garant Park Telecom as a third party.

Google has secured an interim relief from the court which prohibits Weblink from assigning and administration rights. At the moment, the administration rights cannot be registered with another registrar or waived.

The world's largest Internet company, Google increased its net profit in 2011 by 15 percent year on year to reach $9.74 billion.