MOSCOW, November 9 - RAPSI, Diana Gutsul. On Friday, the Moscow City Court ruled to consider the case of retired Main Intelligence Directorate Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov in a partially open trial, his attorney Oksana Mikhalkina told RAPSI.

The prosecutors indictment charges Kvachkov with aiding and abetting terrorism and attempted mutiny. He faces up to 20 years in prison.

"It was decided to hold a partially open trial. Only confidential documents will be examined behind closed doors. The rest of the proceeding will be public," said his attorney.
Initially, the court planned to hold the hearings behind closed doors, since the case was submitted to court as confidential.

Kvachkov was acquitted by the Supreme Court on December 22, 2010 on charges of organizing the attempted assassination of former United Energy System head Anatoly Chubais. The next day, the Lefortvosky District Court sanctioned the retired colonel's arrest as part of a new case. It was initiated on the day that Kvachkov was detained and was deemed classified.

Kvachkov has denied the charges. His defense believes the charges are unfounded. Kvachkov said he has been accused of organizing a group of recruits from his People's Liberation Front of Russia to carry out a coup, armed with crossbows.