MOSCOW, November 16 - RAPSI. The Moscow Commercial Court will begin reconsidering on December 13 the Nemiroff vodka company's lawsuit to recognize as illegal its distributor's resolution to replace its CEO, the court told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/ on Friday.

The Ukrainian vodka producer has disputed the Nemiroff Trade House's resolution issued at an extraordinary shareholders meeting in June 2011 to terminate its CEO Grigory Savinova.

Vladimir Zhelezov was appointed to the post.

Nemiroff has stated that the resolution was illegal, claiming that the plaintiff was not duly notified as to when the meeting would be held and the individual who took part in the meeting in the plaintiff's name was not entitled do so, or to represent the company's interests.

Meanwhile, the Nemiroff Trade House said the individual in question did in fact have such authorization.

Initially, the Moscow Commercial Court denied the lawsuit, but the cassation instance dismissed the ruling in June and submitted the dispute for reconsideration. It has been noted that the issue of the individual who took part in the meeting must be considered based on Ukrainian law.

Nemiroff Holdings Ltd. comprises the Nemiroff production company, which includes three distilleries in Nemiroff, Ukraine, a management company, the Alco Invest subsidiary, offices in Russia and Poland, and Nemiroff International, whose head office is in Budapest, Hungary.