MOSCOW, March 1 - RAPSI. The Moscow Commercial Court held on Thursday against the Ukrainian Nemiroff distillery's lawsuit and supported the Nemiroff Trade House's shareholder resolution to change its CEO, the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/ reports from the courtroom.

The Nemiroff Trade House distributes Nemiroff products in Russia.

Nemiroff Trade House shareholder Alexander Glus, who owns a 25-percent interest plus two shares in the Nemiroff Holding, is in conflict with the remaining shareholders, in particular Yakov Gribov, who owns a 20-percent stake. The conflict began after the parties failed to agree on the price and terms of the company's acquisition by the Russian Standard holding company.

The parties are now suing each other in courts in Russia, Ukraine and Cyprus. The Ukrainian Nemiroff vodka producer has filed several lawsuits with the Moscow Commercial Court seeking to challenge the resolutions adopted by the Nemiroff Trade House.

Nemiroff Holdings Limited comprises the Nemiroff production company, which includes three distilleries in Nemiroff, Ukraine, a management company, the Alco Invest subsidiary, offices in Russia and Poland, and Nemiroff International with its headquarters in Budapest, Hungary.