MOSCOW, February 22 - RAPSI. The Supreme Commercial Court has registered businessman Dmitry Shapovalov's appeal to reconsider judicial acts recognizing the Microsoft Corporation's right to use the Windows trademark in the domain name, the court told RAPSI on Friday.

In August, the Ninth Commercial Court of Appeals prohibited Shapovalov, who owns the domain, from using the Windows trademark for a website covering specific categories of goods. Shapovalov's website contained information about aircraft, avionics and other equipment using the trademark.

Microsoft claimed the right to use the trademark in its domain name and sought to prevent Shapovalov from doing so as well. Microsoft did not specify the classes of goods for which the trademark should be prohibited from use.

The appeals court satisfied Microsoft's claim and nullified the commercial court's ruling dated April 17, which only recognized the company's right to use the trademark in the domain name for specific classes of goods.

In November, the Commercial Court upheld the ruling. Shapovalov then filed an appeal with the court to reconsider the judicial acts while exercising its supervisory powers.
Microsoft is the world's leading software manufacturer. In mid-November, its market value was $224.9 billion.