BELGOROD, 23 July (RAPSI) - Sergei Pomazun, who is presently on trial for a deadly rampage in the southern Russian city of Belgorod, was removed from the courtroom because of his aggressive behavior and vocal threats to the judge.

On Monday, the Belgorod Regional Court began hearings on the killing spree, which was carried out in April 2013. The judge reprimanded Pomazun for screaming profanities during the courts first session. Today he aggravated the court again: when the judge decided to remove the shooter from the room when a underage girl was about to take the witness stand, the accused responded with more shouting, profanities and threats of violence to the judge

On April 22, Pomazun opened fire in a weapons store killing three people, and then shot another three people on the street outside. Five people died on the scene, including a 14-year-old girl. Another victim, a 16-year-old girl, died later in intensive care.

On April 23, Pomazun was detained when he attempted to flee the city on a freight train. He was identified and detained by the transport police. The suspect resisted arrest, wounding one of the police officers in the process.