MOSCOW, November 23 - RAPSI. The State Duma has proposed obligating migrants to get medical insurance policies before entering the country, or to order employers to buy policies for their employees. These proposals are included in the recommendations put forward to the roundtable on the legislative settlement of issues regarding rendering medical aid to immigrants.

Member of the committee on health protection Saliya Murzabayeva said at the hearing that Russia holds the second place in the world in terms of number of migrants, most of whom are labor migrants.

From 2007 to September 2012, almost 5.5 million people went through health screening; more than 8,000 were found to be infected with HIV, 15,800 had tuberculosis, 19,200 had venereal diseases. MPs have recommended that the Russian government consider the option of creating a unified database on labor migrants and the status of their health.

It has also been proposed to consider establishing medical screening centers for those who are planning to move to Russia in their country of origin.

The Federal Migration Service and the Health Ministry have recommended ensuring the law is followed in verifying that immigrants have insurance medical policies when they enter Russia. They also suggest collaborating with social organizations on checking whether immigrants are staying in Russia legally.

In addition, there have been proposals put forward for the Labor Ministry and the Healthcare Ministry to draft amendments regarding immigrants' obligatory contribution to medical insurance funds.

It has also been suggested that control over the issue of medical certificates by state and private healthcare institutions should be increased.