MOSCOW, March 18 - RAPSI. The government has returned the draft law on the sale of spirits in outlying towns from mobile retail vehicles for rewording, the cabinet's press service said.

A draft law submitted by the Leningrad Region's legislature allows retail sales of alcohol from a mobile store in outlying towns which have no permanent stores.

According to the Russian legislation, alcohol can only be sold in rural areas by organizations that own or lease permanent shops or warehouses with a footprint of at least 25 square meters. The legislation does not contain the term "mobile shop," which can only be interpreted as a non-permanent and temporary retail outlet, the government said in its review.

Since the law prohibits mobile shops from selling alcohol, the amendment proposed in the draft law runs contrary to federal legislation, the review reads.

"The government believes that the proposed amendment contradicts the current approach to dealing with these issues and requires additional substantiation," the government's press service said.