WASHINGTON, D.C., January 17 (RAPSI) - US senators John McCain and Ben Cardin have submitted a bill to the US Congress that would potentially broaden the scope of the Magnitsky Act to all countries.

According to the McCain-Cardin bill, individuals who violate human rights, as ruled by the US Congress, will be included on the global list of sanctions imposed by the United States.

In his statement, Cardin urged: "The United States must maintain its global leadership in the fight against corruption and human rights abuses wherever they occur. This bipartisan bill gives us the tools to deter future abuses throughout the world, while also protecting our strategic financial infrastructure from those who would use it to launder or shelter ill-gotten gains."

McCain also believes that the bill complies with the national interests of the United States and reflects the values of American people.

The ‘Magnitsky List’ includes 18 Russian nationals who are restricted by visa and economic sanctions. The list was published by the US Department of the Treasury last April. Moscow responded with its own list of 18 American citizens who are banned from entering Russia.

On December 6, 2012, the US Senate approved the Magnitsky Act, to severe criticism from the Russian State Duma, stipulating visa sanctions for Russians who are believed by US authorities to have been involved in human rights violations. The Magnitsky List, which was published in part on April 12, includes the names of 18 Russian officials who are barred from travelling to the United States.