ST. PETERSBURG, September 14 - RAPSI. St. Petersburg activists filed with the court on Thursday corrected claims against pop legend Madonna and the organizers of her local concert, their representative Alexander Pochuyev told RIA Novosti.

The lawsuits seek 333 million rubles ($10.73 million) in damages.

Madonna, who held a concert in St. Petersburg as part of her controversial MDNA tour, urged local residents to be friendlier to the LGBT community during her performance.

In mid-August, activists submitted to the Moskovsky District Court several lawsuits against the singer and the concert organizers. They claimed that they had been offended by the singer's statement supporting homosexuals. The court left the lawsuits motionless, as violations had been made during their drafting and they had to be removed. Earlier in the week, the activists' representatives said they managed to find the official address of the singer and other information necessary for the court's further consideration of the lawsuits.

Previously, St. Petersburg human rights activists said they submitted an application to investigators, requesting that they bring Madonna to justice for inciting religious hatred, as she trampled on a cross during the concert.

The city prosecutor's office earlier told RIA Novosti that all of the applications concerning the alleged violations have been submitted for examination to the Interior Ministry's regional department.

Earlier, Vitaly Milonov, a politician in St. Petersburg who drafted a city law restricting the promotion of homosexuality, said the performance was attended by NGOs that checked the concert's compliance with morality regulations.

They recorded the event and said 12-year-old children were present, he said. Activists filed several applications with the police, seeking to declare Madonna in breach of the law. They claim that they were offended by her explicit support for homosexuality.